Leonard Poe - Dunedin Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer
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I was raised in Dunedin, having moved here as a child in 1968. After graduating from Dunedin High School in 1977, I attended the University of Florida, majoring in Accounting and graduating with honors. I then attended the University of Florida Law School and earned my Juris Doctor in 1983. I practiced in Tampa for ten years, then passed the North Carolina Bar and relocated to Asheville for the next 23 years. I have returned to my hometown, and now practice in downtown Dunedin, sharing space with my brother Stuart, a local dentist.

I have practiced bankruptcy for 30 years, and have helped hundreds of people reorganize or eliminate their debts and keep all their property.

I have learned that every case is unique in some way. Don't rely on rumors, friends, television, and web sites to understand your bankruptcy options; let a professional analyze your unique situation for free!