Leonard Poe Dunedin

Welcome to the website of Leonard Poe, Bankruptcy Attorney in Dunedin, Florida

Financial relief is available to you. As a licensed attorney practicing under the Federal Bankruptcy Code I am considered a debt relief agency, and I help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.

I can stop the harassing phone calls, the embarrassing collection letters, and the depressing credit card balances that never go down.

I offer a free consultation to review your particular financial situation and advise you of your options under the Bankruptcy Code. You may also have non-bankruptcy options under state and federal law, which I can also advise you of. I don't charge people for telling them what their options are.

If I can help you with your situation, I will work on a fixed fee basis, and we will work out a payment plan to fit your budget. You will know the total cost before we start.

Spend an hour with me and learn the truth about bankruptcy.